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BathandShowerPros is a free service that allows you to quickly and easily compare prices, features, and products from local bathroom professionals. Whether shopping for yourself or for a loved one, BathandShowerPros simplifies the process of selecting a professional to help you with your bathtub update, tub-to-shower conversion, or full bathroom remodel!

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Whether you're looking for a complete bathroom remodel or a just need to make a few updates, we've got you covered. Our network of local contractors will help guide you through the decision process and back it up with professional, hassle-free installation.If you're considering a bathroom remodel, complete our form above to review free quotes from local professionals today!

Bathroom remodeling from minor to major

Bathroom remodeling is not for the faint of heart, particularly if it is a major remodel. Sure, you can still use your bathroom while painting and updating your lighting fixtures. But if your bath remodel is going to put your plumbing out of commission for a while, you had better have a second bathroom that you can use while the remodel is going on.

Bathroom remodeling basics

If you are considering a bath remodel, you need to get your ducks in a row to minimize the disruption to your daily routine. You also need to make sure that you have the budget to accomplish the task, because bathroom remodeling can be an expensive proposition. Remodeling Magazine defines degrees of bathroom remodeling: a mid-range remodel includes a new toilet, a tub with tile surround, a solid-surface double sink and vanity, a recessed medicine cabinet, vinyl wallpaper, and a ceramic tile floor. The definition of an upscale remodel consists of expanding the room, adding a window, moving fixtures and replacing them with high-end models, an oversized tile shower, stone countertops, upscale lighting, a bidet, and other fancy amenities. An upscale bath remodel can easily cost twice as much as a mid-range remodel due to moving plumbing and wiring and the price of upgraded fixtures.

Costs and Returns

According to Remodeling Magazine's 2010-2011 survey, the average cost nationally of a mid-range bath remodel is $16,634 with a return on investment at resale of $10,668, or 64.1 percent. Depending on where you live, the costs and returns vary widely. The most expensive area is the Pacific zone (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii) at $19,490. However, this zone also has the highest return, at $15,514 or 79.6 percent. The upper Midwest is close to the national average on cost, but has a much lower rate of return, in the mid-50 percent range. The best value for a bath remodel is in the south central region, at a cost of $14,536 and a return of 70.5 percent.

Do it yourself or hire a contractor?

Depending on your handyman skills, you can probably accomplish some or all of your bathroom remodel yourself. However, if your skills are limited and you want to minimize the time you are without access to your bathroom, you will want to hire a general contractor. If you hire a contractor, compare his prices on materials to what you can purchase yourself online or at discount outlets. Also, consider doing the demolition phase of the project yourself to save labor costs.

Get good advice

If you know someone who has recently done a bath remodel, pick their brain and learn from their experience. If they used a contractor and were happy with the result, get a bid from that contractor. If you don't know anyone personally who has done bathroom remodeling, this site can provide you with excellent information and recommendations on materials, fixture manufacturers, costs, and reliable local contractors. Simply fill out the form on this page to get started.